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Chemolab Ltd. is the first Hungarian company who supplies the research, quality control institutes and industrial laboratories with fine chemicals, among others with analytical and HPLC solvents, for 17 years. The quality of the products is ensured by the participation in the production of the the Chemical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as well as other well known research institutes of Hungary. Would you order a chemical material not included in our catalogue we can purchase them quickly from abroad and deliver to you door. In Hungary the payment can be made in HUF. In case of bigger orders we undertake bulk delivery in an affordable price.

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We enclose with all the foreign and Hungarian products sold by us, a quality certificate and a safety certificate (MSDS). The leaders of the company have scientific degrees and significant research experience. They are happy to help you and give advice in choosing the most appropriate chemical material for your purposes. The transaction of affairs is always quick and flexible as it is proven by the satisfaction of our partners throughout the country. Hereby we would like to thank our partners for their contribution to our work.

We hope soon we will welcome you among our partners.  

Chemolab Finomvegyszer Kft.
/Fine Chemical Ltd./
H-1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné útja 57-61.
Tel.: /00-36-1/ 469 -3406, Fax: /00-36-1/ 349-1287
E-mail: info@chemolab.t-online.hu
Managing director: Huták Antal

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